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What we do in brief

Reach the data you need
with the solution
whether you are a hospital
a specialist or a patient

Based on the expertise collected during the years about every hospital process not only medical also financial, accounting and billing, laboratory assays, general practitioners daily issues, patients and home care needs, developed and implemented projects, in cooperation with heathcare professionals and patients organizations, we realized what the best software solution for Hospitals, Medical centers, Individual practitioners and Patients is. Aptuso is one of the pioneers in healthcare software innovations and realized the need of an unified Ecosystem that combines HIS, EHR, LIS, Home Care, Telemedicine and Wearables APIs in one platform.

General key functionalities we are focused on:

  • Hospital Information System
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Patients Engagement Apps
  • Telemedicine
  • Home Care
  • Therapy Tracking
  • Population Heath Managament
One great product

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Healthcare Software SolutionsOne snap overview

Aptuso is a pioneer in switching the present way of healthcare delivery into a new way - the right way. We improve access to care, greater patient involvement in health management, decrease the costs of service delivery. Aptuso now give the opportunity to exchange health information that can help to reduce readmissions and to increase financial income, and even to avoid medication errors.

Healthcare Ecosystem

The Ecosystem - Click for moreMore & More

From the initialization of the patient (EMR) to first examination in a medical center/healthcare professional or through Telemedicine examination (EMR, Integrated wearables) to hospitalization and hospital staying (HIS, EMR, Labs, XRay, Therapy (incl. oncology and cytostatic labs)) to outpatient status (EMR, Home Care, Therapy Tracking, Wellness, Integrated wearables).

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We proud of our work, happy to hear positive feedback, glad to be announced as game-changers and innovators in what we do.

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Stara Zagora - HQ and Administration

Metalik building
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Varna - Development office

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